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"The ascension journey is one of the most beautiful processes currently happening on Earth.  It is divinely orchestrated  and cannot be replicated or faked. The true path to Ascension lies in living your best authentic self and raising your vibration.

No need to force anything, once the timing is right, the journey will find you"

Anya Weatherly, Founder of Reiki Healing Center


Bio-Well Energy Scan

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Bio-Well is a revolutionary device for energy assessment and healing. It allows to assess and analyze a client’s energetic state via their energy field.  This tool offers advanced GDV technology in non-invasive ways to help support an individual’s overall wellness. By taking auric pictures of your fingertips through a non-intrusive specialized camera, we can see an in depth energetic snapshot of the physical and emotional state of your being in real time including chakras.

The common mental health issues, anxiety and depression, are most often associated with a traumatic experience or prolonged life stressors. Stress can be felt emotionally and physically (somatic), thus it has very strong impact on our energy field.


With the greater understanding of the body and mind as energy, Bio-Well readings offer energetic insights to assist in progressed treatment of mental, emotional and physical imbalances. Bio-Well Scan is recommended prior to Reiki.

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Bio-Well helps achieve ultimate wellness, eliminate stress and restore oneself to the highest vibration, which ultimately will strengthen your immune system to fight off infections and viruses like Covid-19.


At the end of each session you will receive a written assessment (PDF report) of your energy field, chakras, body organs and systems, bio-rhythm, stress level and overall wellness recommendations. 


To balance chakras and recharge yourself to 100% enjoy listening to your own binaural sounds produced by the Bio-Well machine based on your unique data. 


A relaxing Reiki healing session cab be booked following the scan to cleanse your energetic body of lower vibrational entities and attachments & restore the balance in your body.

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See Your Chakras for the First Time


Revolutionary Bio-Well Scan is Here

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"Use everything for your upliftment and growth. You will be challenged along the way. Resistance is normal both in you and others.

Stay connected with your truth, your inner guidance."

Steve Nobel


Give a gift of energy healing to a person or animal in need

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Ascension Teachers We Love


Lightworker Meditation Expert

Founder of the Soul Matrix


Multidimensional Healer

 Soul Retrieval Coach

Founder of ClayHut Healing


Quantum Healer (QHHT)

Past Life Regression Guide

Founder of Inner Power Awakening

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