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Our Services

  • See Your Chakras for the First Time

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
  • Spiritual exorcism & energetic entities removal by a Shaman ☸️

    2 hr

    300 US dollars
  • Ghostbusters for your home or office

    1 hr 30 min

    200 US dollars
  • Guided meditation to raise vibration and facilitate healing.

    1 hr

    100 US dollars
  • In person reiki energy healing session for animals or pets.

    30 min

    50 US dollars
  • Learn how supplements, food or medications affect your body

    1 hr

    100 US dollars


Bio-Well Energy Scan $150


Shamanic Cleanse $300

Home or Office Energy Cleanse $200

Guided Meditation $100

Reiki for Animals $50

Stress Test Medications $100

Once your payment is received please call 305-440-9292

to schedule your appointment. Remember, if you can't reach me, I'm most likely at the beach ;) and will get back to you shortly.

Beautiful Ocean
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