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About Anya Weatherly

Meet Anya Weatherly

The founder of Reiki Healing Center switched her law career for energy healing after a personal awakening

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Reiki Healing Center was founded in 2018 by Anya Weatherly.  Following her spiritual awakening in 2015 she was guided to leave her legal career and follow her soul mission.  Anya's awakening was triggered by a twin flame journey, which is also called a rollercoaster of ascension. In that process she started receiving daily guidance & synchronicities from her spirit team. In that process Anya became aware of her Starseed past (Lyra, Sirius, and Atlantis incarnations) confirmed via multiple soul retrieval & quantum healing regression sessions. Since 2015 Anya practiced Angelic meditation for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Receiving light codes & DNA activations, vegan lifestyle, triggered her gifts of energy healing to be awakened.


In 2018 Anya Weatherly received her first Reiki attunement from the "Divine Love Institute" in Florida. Certified Reiki & Meditation Practitioner, she is proud to belong to the direct lineage of Mikao Usui "disciples" in Japan and Florida.

Anya is fond of works on spiritual healing of Steve Nobel, Cassidy Cane, Dolores Cannon, Marisa Peer and Ken West and scientists that study energy and metaphysics like Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, author of "the Energy of Space" and creator of the revolutionary "Bio-Well" machine, which you get to experience for the first time in the US.


Anya Weatherly is an empathic intuitive sensitive to energies of the environment, especially lower vibrational energies; She has a natural ability to feel the energy of the space, people and other beings. Sensing & clearing energy is one of her natural gifts. Native of Russia, and a Christian Orthodox by faith since birth, she is a true believer of the power of the Word of God and the miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ and the important mission of Christ's Grid on Earth.





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